Protect Your Finances

Protect Your Finances is an educational resource to help you through the maze of personal
finance. Its objective is to help you make an informed decision when it comes to your finances,
and protecting it. We want to create the conversation, and get people talking about this. For, at
one point in time in your life you will have to make some decisions and this blog will be a
resource! is not a SALES website. You cannot purchase any product that is
discussed through this website. You are encouraged to go speak with your independent broker,
or if you don’t have one or would like a second opinion – please don’t hesitate to reach out to
the author of the blog (listed in the contact section). core principles is framed around three things:
Education – We want to educate you in the area of personal finance. This includes insurance
and investments. We do not make any product recommendations, as everyone’s situation is
different. If you walk away with information that can help you in your situation, we have done our

Integrity – We scope out information from credible sources, not marketing departments trying to
sell products. We don’t want to effect the quality of information we provide to skew you towards
a particular brand and product. Through this we are able to be objective and provide

Simplicity – We aim to keep things simple. Personal finance should not be something that only
someone with letters after their name will understand. It is about you, in understanding how it
works within your unique situation.

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