Group Benefits


Employees are looking to employers for group benefit plans. The challenge with benefits is to find a plan that meets the employee needs, while meeting the needs of the employer’s budget.

It has been proven that when employers offer a benefit plan, employees feel more secure and are more dedicated to the employer. The end result is the cost of the benefit plan, outweighs the cost of hiring, firing, training and the learning curve of the new employee. Benefits Protect Your Finances by offering insurance protection to your employees – particularly if they are hard to insure.

Many innovative solutions exist for benefit plans as well as designs to balance your business needs.

When deciding on a comprehensive benefit plan, make sure you keep an open mind and explore all your options – for you never know what you will find!

Individual Health and Dental

Whether you are self-employed, in job transition (through restructuring), on contract or about to retire – group benefits may not be available to you.

With government cutbacks the cost of healthcare is being placed under pressure, with some things being pushed to the end consumer. This includes prescription drugs, visits to the dentist, eye exams, paramedical and so forth.

As a result, an individual health and dental plan will help you Protect Your Finances in this area. Here, you consider a personal plan that ranges from basic coverage to comprehensive.

When deciding on an individual health and dental plan, make sure it meet’s your lifestyle needs for today and tomorrow.