About Us


Protect Your Finances is a comprehensive, holistic financial advisory practice located in Orangeville Ontario.

The practice is managed by Ken Krakar, who is a PFA (Professional Financial Advisor). The PFA designation is an approved designation by FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario) for one to ‘hold out’ as a financial advisor in the Province of Ontario. Ken is licensed in Ontario, and the Province of New Brunswick. Ken has the Certified Health Insurance Specialist Designation (CHS), which is geared towards clients looking for professional advice on Health Insurance.

Finally, he also holds Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS) designation, which gives him a speciality to help clients whose philosophy and beliefs are around sustainability, and as such they want it to reflect this in their investment strategy within the financial plan. This type of investing is commonly referred to as ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investing.

Who we help:

We help people just like you, who have families they want to protect. Whether you are employed or own a small business – your purpose everyday is to help your family and we want to protect them in the event of financial risk. We help you plan for the future which could include cash flow planning, debt management planning retirement planning and legacy planning to pass it on into the next generation.

Our Story

Ken grew up in a rural based environment, and lived first hand what happens when you don’t properly plan and how it impacts a family. Farming is controlled by many unpredictable factors.

As a child Ken experienced what it was like to have no food on the table, because cashflow was not coming in on the farm. He also saw first hand what lack of planning can do, such as taking on debt for no reason – not knowing how to pay it back and having virtually no retirement savings. The impact and snowball effect keeps building and is hard to break away from.

With lack of planning, Ken also experienced what disaster looks like. After his father having a heart attack and no insurance to provide cash flow, and the ability to not work with no income during this time – the financial and mental stress toll it took on him and the family is one that no one should experience.

This is why Protect Your Finances was created. To help families just like yours feel confident and secure in their ability to handle all of life’s unplanned events. We look forward to helping you and your family with your financial journey!